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Our products are based on a fully quantum approach resulting from 15 years of world-class scientific research conducted by our academic partners:
LP2N, UMR 5298 CNRS – Institut d’Optique – Université de Bordeaux
SYRTE, UMR 8630 CNRS – Observatoire de Paris – Université Pierre et Marie Curie

A global technology transfer agreement was signed between µQuanS and CNRS/Institut d’Optique/Observatoire de Paris. It allows µQuanS to fully exploit the technologies developed at SYRTE and LP2N. In particular, µQuanS was granted an exclusive operating licence of an international patent covering the core architecture of our gravimeter.
Our products are based on a really disruptive technology, relying on quantum manipulation of laser-cooled atoms. The general idea consists in trapping and cooling an ensemble of rubidium atoms thanks to a combination of laser beams and magnetic fields. This magneto-optical trap allows to trap several hundreds of million atoms in a cloud of a few mm diameter, and cool them down to a few microKelvins, just above the absolute zero!



This cloud of cold atoms is the raw material µQuanS is using to perform high precision measurements.
Starting from this, various quantum manipulation schemes can be applied, which offer the possibility to characterize different kinds of physical parameters with an extreme accuracy.
In particular, these techniques have proven to be extremely relevant for high precision time and inertial (acceleration/rotation) measurements.