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Absolute Quantum Gravimeter

The Absolute Quantum Gravimeter is the only quantum gravity sensor available on the market place. Thanks to its disruptive technology, this instrument offers unique features: Absolute gravity measurement at the µGal level. Automated Continuous Data Acquisition for several months. No long-term drift. Excellent immunity to ground vibrations thanks to an active compensation system (no mechanical […]


Our Muclock is the only commercially available time & frequency reference based on quantum manipulation of laser cooled atoms in the world.  This unique solution is the result of more than 15 years of experience acquired by our academic partner, LNE-SYRTE, one of the major international experts in the field of time standards.  The approach […]

ILS laser series: intelligent laser systems

These laser systems offer fast tunability and accurate control of the absolute laser frequency. Tailored solutions with several fiber outputs can be proposed to develop a design adapted to any experimental setup. Such laser systems constitute a turnkey, reliable, and easy to use solution to implement immediate and ultra-stable atom cooling, atom interferometry, or Bose-Einstein […]

Regeneration station

This equipment is a stand-alone device that enables to coherently regenerate an optical signal allowing long-haul dissemination of an ultra-stable optical frequency reference. Its architecture is based on the heterodyne phase-locking of a narrow spectral width laser diode on the reference signal. The station is equipped with low phase noise optical interferometer that perform a thorough characterization of the phase noise accumulated by the incoming signal, and a compensation system of this phase noise.

Custom solutions

In addition to its product portfolio, Muquans is always interested in any technological development that would require its scientific and technological expertise. We can provide a wide range of tailored solutions, from a custom laser system or microwave synthesizer, to the development of a completely integrated solution. Feel free to contact us for any specific […]