Absolute Quantum Gravimeter

The Absolute Quantum Gravimeter is the only quantum gravity sensor available on the market place. Thanks to its disruptive technology, this instrument offers unique features:

  • Absolute gravity measurement at the µGal level.
  • Automated Continuous Data Acquisition for several months. No long-term drift.
  • Excellent immunity to ground vibrations thanks to an active compensation system (no mechanical isolation).
  • Easy and quick operation : the AQG is ready to measure within 1h (no laser alignment nor mechanical assembling, no preliminary pumping, no superspring). User-friendly software requiring no knowledge in quantum physics.
  • Compact and transportable sensor.
  • Low maintenance constraints (in particular, no moving parts in our vacuum chamber).
  • Station to station repeatability of the absolute measurement within a few μGal.

Specifications & Characteristics

Sensitivity:50 µGal/√Hz at a quiet place
Measurement frequency:2 Hz
Long-term stability:< 1 μGal
Accuracy:under evaluation
Dimensions :Sensor head: h = 70 cm / D = 38 cm
Laser & electronics:100 x 50 x 70 cm3
Mass Sensor head:25 kg, control unit : 75 kg
Power consumption:250 W typical


Geophysical research:

  • Monitoring of volcanoes
  • Earthquake research
  • Hydrology

Exploration and management of underground resources:

  • Hydrocarbon and mineral exploration
  • Quantification of subsidence
  • Aquifer management

Civil engineering:

  • Integrity studies of roads, dams and dykes
  • Detection of voids or cavities

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