Muquans is a unique industrial player focusing on high-precision quantum measurements. We are committed to providing reliable high value-adding scientific instruments in various fields such as Geophysics, metrology and dissemination of Time and frequencies, research-grade laser optics. Being the world only company to manufacture and commercialize quantum sensors based on laser-cooled atoms, we are used to supporting cutting-edge research and industrial endeavors.

We have developed a unique scientific and technological know-how as a spin-off from Observatoire de Paris (LNE-SYRTE) and Institut d’Optique (LP2N) in France, where the core of the technology has been developed for more than 15 years of academic research. From the beginning, Muquans has built a highly-experienced team of scientists and engineers gathering a deep expertise in each key technological domain required to provide reliable high performance instruments.

This web site is dedicated to make public Muquans’​ new stories and achievements. It is also meant to broadcast the latest news from the emerging field of Quantum Technologies at an industrial level, in Europe and in the world.