Regeneration station


This equipment is a stand-alone device that enables to coherently regenerate an optical signal allowing long-haul dissemination of an ultra-stable optical frequency reference. Its architecture is based on the heterodyne phase-locking of a narrow spectral width laser diode on the reference signal. The station is equipped with low phase noise optical interferometer that perform a thorough characterization of the phase noise accumulated by the incoming signal, and a compensation system of this phase noise.

Intrinsic Performances (1m fiber link) and Specifications

Relative short term frequency stability:< 2e-17 @ 1 s
Relative long term frequency stability: flicker < 5e-19
Temperature sensitivity of the optical interferometers: < 1 fs/°C
Operating wavelength:1542.14 nm nominal but any wavelength between 1530 and 1560 nm is available 

Additional features

  • Fully Automated Phase-Lock Loops
  • Polarization controller with automatic polarization adjustment
  • Software remote control of all the physical parameters

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