Time and frequency transfer

Thanks to a successful technology transfer from our academic partners, LPL and LNE-SYRTE, in the frame of the REFIMEVE + project, we have acquired a unique expertise in the field of ultra-high performance frequency transfer over optical links.Muquans has developed a complete set of qualified and certified solutions dedicated to high performance time and frequency transfer over fiber links, with a demonstrated frequency stability and accuracy in the 1e-20 range (Optics Letters 2018).
We can provide the technology to deploy a whole frequency transfer network over an existing fiber backbone, from the optical repeaters required to regenerate the metrological signal by compensating for the phase noise introduced along the fiber, to a complete network supervision software.

Regeneration station

This equipment is a stand-alone device that enables to coherently regenerate an optical signal allowing long-haul dissemination of an ultra-stable optical frequency reference. Its architecture is based on the heterodyne phase-locking of a narrow spectral width laser diode on the reference signal. The station is equipped with low phase noise optical interferometer that perform a thorough characterization of the phase noise accumulated by the incoming signal, and a compensation system of this phase noise.